To say that Byron is a dynamic speaker would be an understatement! His energy level is akin to what some have referred to as a one-man hurricane! His trick archery demonstrations are unlike anything that you have ever seen. He can capture and hold the attention of both young and old alike by effortlessly plucking apples off of people’s quivering heads, demolishing candles held timidly in their teeth and surprising them by showering them with flour. All of his stunts are designed to make people gasp and cheer with awe.

Byron L. Tabor is first and foremost a devoted husband to his wife Mary and loving and over protective father to their six children. Byron is the founder of On Target For Christ, the owner of Tabor Family Outdoors and the host of Dominion with Byron L. Tabor. He is also helps teach our Special Forces heros how to bird hunt with archery equipment and helps coach Liberty Universities Archery Team. He shoots straight “on target” to expound upon Biblical truth about our God-given right to the outdoors, our right to self-defense and many other topics. Byron received his first longbow when he was 4 years old. He learned to shoot instinctively (on his own) and soon arrowed his first rabbit. Since then, he has used traditional archery equipment to shoot fish and hunt both small and large game animals.

What truly sets him apart is his unique talent to consistently shoot birds right out of the air with his longbow, which he has done thousands of times! Some of the species that Byron has taken on the wing include Tundra swan, pheasant, duck, chukar, and quail. He has successfully competed using Olympic recurves, compounds, traditional recurves, and longbows to win county, state, national and world championships. Byron retired from tournament archery in 1998 to accommodate his busy speaking schedule and to focus on trick archery demonstrations, video production, and family.

Trick Archery Demo
Byron’s trick archery demonstrations usually consist of a spoken message geared specifically to match the topic of your event and several trick shots. All of the shots are performed with strict safety precautions! He uses bulletproof Lexan to protect any volunteers from having any direct contact with his arrows. A typical demonstration lasts approximately 60 minutes filled with gut busting laughter without a "golf clap" in sight!
Seminars usually consist of a 15-20 minute multimedia presentation with Byron’s personal commentary along the way. The topics are generally the same as those covered in the trick archery demonstrations. Seminars generally last 30 to 45 minutes


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