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For over 25 years byron has traveled the world performing at church events, camps, outdoor expos and teaching folks to shoot a bow and arrow. He is now bringing his unique brand of Education Thru Entertainmentto the corporate world! Byron is not only an accomplished archer and outdoorsman but businessman. He understands what it takes to get a group of folks to actually become a team and start working "On Target". Byron can do a specific Team building program or turn your next corporate party into Education Thru Entertainment!!!
get your company "On Target" with a trick archery demo by Byron l. tabor
~ Tired of boring speakers?
~ sick of playing icebreakers?
~tired of problem solving games?
Wouldn't you rather see....
~ apple shot of the boss's head?
~ management team covered in flour?
~ powerful visuals of getting on target?
Stop playing games at your corporate Team building!
Byron offers several hands on archery options
paper targets - 3D animal targets - arial targets
  • Can your team hit the Gold?!
  • Get your employees On Target!
  • Bullseye!
  • Indoor or Outdoor Arial Targets
  • Padded arrows for Indoors
  • GIANT archery skeet machine
  • Time to pick up after the fun!
  • Flu Flu arrows with oversized feathers to slow them down in flight
  • Hadrosaur prehistoric target
  • Worlds biggest frog target
  • Velociraptor... get him before he gets you!
  • Modern day dinosaur
  • Giant Cobra
  • Stegosaurus


Education thru Entertainment™

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