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Byron has shared the stage with many of todays best known Outdoor celebrities. He understands what it takes to not only entertain but educate folks at your event with the truth about hunting fishing and the shooting sports! Byron loves to incorporate the other headliners at your event into his trick archery demo which always leads to a ton of social media traffic. Take your event to the next level and give your attendees something to tell their friends about!

Stop settling for golf claps during your events Trick Archery Demos and watch what happens when people are busting their guts laughing!!!

Some past Outdoor Events just to name a few: Deerassic Classic, Western Virginia Sports Show, Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganzas, World Deer Expo


Not since the late Stacy Groscup (Archery Hall of Fame) have I seen a Demo like Byron's! Not only is he a great entertainer, he's one you want your children to look up too. TRUST ME, this is one person you want to book in for your entertainment! He's got a great message for adults and children!
    Bob Foulkrod  


I have been a show promoter for nearly 30 years. And in all that time Byron Tabor and Micheal Waddell put on the best seminars I have ever had at my shows!
   Danny, Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza




“Byron and the gang certainly got it going on. I’ve never seen someone shoot a stick bow like that.”
   Michael Waddell



"I truly enjoyed sitting in on your Seminar this past Sunday. I go to many of these type shows: Coastal Conservation Association, Texas Parks & Wildlife, SCI, Ducks Unlimited etc. and have never sat in on one of the guests Seminar’s…I sell money and service, but hate being sold myself. Not only was your message regarding our hunting/outdoors heritage clear…but your message regarding GOD’s hand in creating it, and giving us Dominion over it, was equally as clear AND unobtrusive.  In fact, it was the best delivery I have ever heard…and there have been many who have tried."
    PETER, San Antonio, TX  



get your Outdoor expo "On Target" with a trick archery demo by Byron l. tabor
Byron offers several hands on archery options to compliment his demo and seminars
paper targets - 3D animal targets - arial targets

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