Outdoor events
Byron has shared the stage with many of todays best known Outdoor celebrities. He understands what it takes to not only entertain but educate folks at your event with the truth about hunting fishing and the shooting sports! byron loves to incorporate the other headliners at your event into his trick archery demo which always leads to a ton of social media traffic. take your event to the next level and give your attendees something to tell their friends about!
get your Outdoor expo "On Target" with a trick archery demo by Byron l. tabor
Byron offers several hands on archery options to compliment his demo and seminars
paper targets - 3D animal targets - arial targets
  • Can your team hit the Gold?!
  • Get your employees On Target!
  • Bullseye!
  • Indoor or Outdoor Arial Targets
  • Padded arrows for Indoors
  • GIANT archery skeet machine
  • Time to pick up after the fun!
  • Flu Flu arrows with oversized feathers to slow them down in flight
  • Hadrosaur prehistoric target
  • Worlds biggest frog target
  • Velociraptor... get him before he gets you!
  • Modern day dinosaur
  • Giant Cobra
  • Stegosaurus

Education thru Entertainment™

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